My family has been displaced by urban demolition. 19 sentence examples: 1. A science-fiction TV show starring Olivia Dunham-the kick ass detective, Walter Bishop- a science geek pulled out of an asylum by the FBI because he specializes in fringe science, and Peter Bishop- the hot … rural-urban fringe in a sentence - Use "rural-urban fringe" in a sentence 1. 2. Alternatively, it can be viewed as a landscape type in its own right, one forged from an interaction of urban … 4. 175+17 sentence examples: 1. Urban farmers are finding ways to grow food in cities with little farmland. Rural-Urban fringe (R-U fringe) is a transitional zone and could be recognized recently on social grounds by the presence of rural and urban groups. Definition of Urban. In addition, there are some fringe areas such as clothes, physique and general appearance. On this map, urban … The urban … Position determination of rural-urban fringe area is one of main aims of this paper. The rural–urban fringe, also known as the outskirts, rurban, peri-urban or the urban hinterland, can be described as the "landscape interface between town and country", or also as the transition zone where urban and rural uses mix and often clash. Urban fringe, sometimes also called "urban-rural fringe," is the area of land where town meets country. Rural-Urban fringe is an important concept in settlement geography. The size and scope of a city's urban fringe … Most of the population is an urban population. Especially with urban … 2. related to a city. 3. What is the rural-urban fringe? 3. Words often used with fringe in an English sentence: eastern fringe, fringe candidate, fringe element, fringe group, fringe of society… They like her because she brags about being a "real American" – which to the fringe … The urban fringe is an area most often reserved for urban-based people who wish to be closer to nature and for industries that require large amounts of open land such as airports and wind farms. Urban definition is - of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city. The rural-urban fringe is the boundary zone outside the urban area proper where rural and urban land uses … But modern means of communications as well as means of movement of people and goods are making the social attitudes between the two groups of rural and urban … Because they go to an urban university, the college students are used to a big city feel. The discussion of administration on the rural - urban fringe 2. Examples of Urban in a sentence. How to use urban in a sentence. Macramé is an Arabic word, signifying an ornamental fringe or trimming, which has been adopted as the term for a certain kind of hand-work, known also as «knotted fringe» or «Mexican lace» and produced by the knotting, interweaving and tying together of threads.. Encyclopedia of Needlework. The suburbs vs. the urbs The besetting sin of 18th-century urban Britain was drunkenness.

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