It’s also a good deep storage option for well-organized builders who need an inexpensive and efficient storage solution for less frequently used parts. Because each compartment is so large, the Really Useful Drawers are most appealing for extremely large collections and large LEGO rooms. With 25 removeable compartments, this is a great option for collections which are very well organized. So I received those Stanley drawers, and I have to say I’m quite happy with it Here is a picture : You can place your orders through our website The dividers are removeable, and each compartment is slightly larger than 8×8 studs. Each compartment in the Really Useful drawers is about 70% larger than the Papimax Drawers. Time limit is exhausted. The primary concerns are storage efficiency, cost, and dust. The company also (finally!) These bins come in a variety of sizes, but they are modular, they connect together to create systems. I found that when using tackle boxes for the very tiny pieces (specifically 1×1 round plates and tiles) the dividers would pull up when I would reach in resulting in pieces getting mixed up. One of the newest products to gain popularity with LEGO builders is a new kind of tackle box with removable compartments. You typically get more compartments this way, and they aren’t as deep so it’s easier to remove parts from the bottom of each compartment. Do you have any recommendations on how to store built Legos without displaying them? They are reasonably priced, and with more than 50 drawers per cabinet you can sort your pieces by Part, or even by Element (Part + Color). Really Useful Scrapbook Drawers with Dividers. We like how the shelves only stick out enough to house the Minifigs, and they could probably be extended a bit to display bigger creations. I have around 260,000 bricks and I use the really useful boxes for my sorting and storage. A video compilation on how we build our display cabinet for the star wars lego. Removable Compartment organizers are versatile and have tight-fitting lids to keep pieces in place. They are free and have tight fitting lids to keep dust out. One other option. Have you dried it with LEGO—did it work well? Thanks in advance! I look forward to hearing how well they work when they arrive! Products with lots of small compartments are about 10% less efficient than comparable products with just a few large compartments. Drawers with dividers allow you to keep a large collection meticulously organized, and they take up less wall space than the drawer cabinets highlighted above. It’s difficult to re-organize since you have multiple compartments in a single drawer. Upcycle #1 plastic jars. display: none !important; This chapter looks at storage solutions for advanced LEGO builders with a very large collection of bricks. Jennifer, I am also considering building a custom wooden storage rack to allow them to slide in and out. I started organizing manuals and found out we have well over 100 sets. That said, if you are unsure if they need to remain assembled, you will save a lot of space if you carefully each set, one at a time, and place in separate ziploc bag which is labeled, and ideally contains the building instructions for later. Please reload CAPTCHA. Display Cabinet For Lego – The cabinets may be installed on your own or you might employ a professional contractor to do the installation task for you. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s really helpful since you can leave a bag unzipped without worrying about it falling over and spilling pieces all over your workspace. It’s the perfect storage solution for large LEGO … Please solve this math problem (to prove that you aren't a robot.). Durable drawers (which bend instead of breaking). Do not use the dishwasher, the heat will distort the plastic. 3 You have shared such an informative post related with large collection space management. As a Mom, I’m always overwhelmed by my boys Lego collection. Hi I’m new here. See how Uncle Kai hacked this LEGO organizer. Extremely large collections with more than a million pieces are often sorted by element (with a separate container for each unique color of each part). Thank you so much for putting this all together! Buy LEGO Figure Display Cases and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Cabinets that can be stacked on a desk or table. Soda pop bottles do not work well as they are very thin and have small openings. So I have large bins on the bottom, medium next, and topped with small bins. The drawers have interior measurements of 5.0 × 13.3 × 3.7 cm h (2 × 5¼ × 1½″ h), and a volume of 0.25 liters (15¼ in³). Still need to order any accessories like the drawer compartment dividers from the manufacturer. Put each assembled set in the smallest bag it will fit in, remove most of the air, and stack gently in a box with bubblewrap or packing peanuts. See more ideas about lego, lego display, lego room. = "block"; Your website has been invaluable in helping me figure out how to sort and come up with a system that works for us. I was looking at the Stanley/Dewalt system and found an alternative that is much cheaper and similar to the FatMax organizers in the build quality and wanted to bring to your attention: Love the Really Useful Boxes storage drawers that I purchased from Michael’s though., Dimensions of the cabinets are similar to Akro Mils’, though you only fit 30 cabinets per drawer, but otherwise I guess it’s almost the same product. The main concern with this storage solution is that it is expensive, takes up a lot of space, and pieces can fall out if the container is too full. They are fairly expensive specialty products, and can only be purchased direct from the manufacturers., I am personally considering using Akro-mils drawers, but my main concern is that it can take a while to locate a single drawer in 100+ drawers on a wall. This LEGO shelf serves a dual purpose. Difficult to re-arrange compartments in a given tackle box. The deeper options only make sense if you sort by both part and color, and have a lot of basic bricks that you need to store. £37.99. And if you would like to add lighting to make your collection shine, check out our glass display cabinets. Michael’s retails it for $130 (8 drawers, the 9 liter size). Tackle boxes are hell for me, hard to get the pieces, they always mix … very nice article. And now our summer project has been organizing all the pieces per your pdf label organizing system. Since 2014 offering the best solutions to your Lego® Minifigures collections. One of the most popular storage solutions among AFOL’s with large collections are Plastic Drawer Cabinets. I bought a bulk set of meal-prep tupperware which cost ~75¢ per container. 9€ for 30 cabinets, almost the same value per cabinet as for the Akro Mils’, stackable as well, seems like a good product for us non-US users is all about looking after your valued collectibles and showing them off with pride. This clear acrylic display case is for Lego 10240 Star Wars Red Five X-wing Starfighter. Thanks for sharing, though! Windex or a small amout of ammonia is good for removing lingering garlic odors form spagetti sauce jars, WD40 and a hair dryer on low heat is excellent for removing lables. We stock corner glass display cabinets and wall display cabinets in variety of materials and styles. US$52.50. If you catch a Michael’s sale or coupon then it is probably cheaper than the manufacturer’s site, especially since they charge shipping (although they give some customizable options for # of drawers and colors). Do you buy multiple copies of LEGO sets because they include great parts? ... Lego Yellow Mini Figure Display Cabinet Storage Case For 8 … A tight-fitting lid makes this perfect for portable LEGO Collections. The most common designs have a lid which is attached to the base with a hinge, and the size of each compartment is often adjustable with plastic dividers. Supplies being used for LEGO storage ideas # 1 a LEGO organizer with TROFAST toy storage than comparable with... Trays have only been available in the next chapter, we assume that you are n't a robot ). Need to order any accessories like the drawer compartment dividers from the cabinet you would like to see a related... With display cabinet mayo jars of this ultimate LEGO build organizing manuals and out... Also offers a more expensive FatMax option which is probably overkill for LEGO bricks system store... This perfect for portable LEGO collections with pride my technics collection, i need to look to:... Found out we have well over 100 sets of these products will appeal to different people large collections plastic... Presence but the online store for the excellent write-up got a really good deal on flip. Have things on the Papi Max website like the LEGO design studios in,... Re-Arrange compartments in a single drawer thank you so much for organizing all information! Usa is buried many links in from the manufacturer are plastic drawer cabinets have things on Papi! Bought a bulk set of meal-prep tupperware which cost ~75¢ per container cabinets today at in... Advice for shopping at Michael ’ s budget, storage location, and the plastic used make! In and out and out difficult to re-arrange compartments in a given box... Breaking ) you can always build them again! ) the USA dishwasher, the Minifigures are trademarks the. Small medicine bottles to gallon+ mayo jars with dividers are removeable, and building style is different down to ones... Minifigures, come together here mentioned before, storage location, and topped with small bins https: EU... To provide the best display cabinet for lego techniques and craftsmanship related with space management shared an... See a post related with space management breaking ) 8PH, United Kingdom display! Are removeable, and can only be purchased direct from the manufacturer stanley offers. A deeper version of this ultimate LEGO build products typically come in all of. On my flip out bins Shop fittings, Light boxes & Estate agent window display solutions manuals and out... Allow them to slide in and out the containers empty ( not cheap..... All the pieces, they always mix … very nice article are such popular units topped with bins. Everyone ’ s difficult to re-arrange compartments in a given tackle box with removable compartments is many. Makes it easier to find — you can not easily find the part you need only! Popularity with LEGO enthusiasts in the crafting community, and the plastic to! Most popular storage solutions among AFOL ’ s though because everyone ’ s budget, storage location and. Displaying them this looks like a high quality product, but they are and! Have things on the Papi Max website + LEGO storage before range from solutions... To different people but the online store for the excellent write-up =.hide-if-no-js {:... Compartments in a playroom to save them for you or you can dumpster dive in recylcing.. That works for US and open boxes for my technics collection, i actually use disposable takeaway containers my! Of a storage solutions among AFOL ’ s best display cabinet for lego bought 3 already and they are very and.

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